Coke Epic Advertising


In January 2010 Coca Cola Company created the “happiness machine” video with the help of an interactive marketing company. This advert dispensed a lot more than a cold beverage. It was placed at St John University in New York. It had strategically placed hidden cameras and all the reactions from the students were real!

Coke was trying to engage and remind teens of the brand and try and connect with them outside typical TV commercials and online games.

In this advert coke did a lot of things good. The marketing tactic that Coke used focused on low-cost marketing, that has high energy and creates a social buzz known as “Guerrilla Marketing” which according to Levinson (1984) can be defined as “Achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money” ( Levinson, 1984, p. 87) The video has gone viral with over 4.5 million hits on YouTube.

It is targeted and connects the brand with teens and young adult’s outside the traditional TV advertising. They are trying to interactively call to action so people can “share the happiness” alongside the question “where will the happiness strike next”. Coke has raised the marketing bar. There challenge was to connect people to share a moment with someone they would have never met- which I think they successfully completed. They are created new ways to express themselves through a tangible sense of connection. The video was shared many times through the use of social media and word of mouth.

They use a psychological method called “classical conditioning” which is a process that can occur between an environmental stimulus and a naturally occurring stimulus.

Simple advertising can differ what brand method to purchase. In coke’s case they have used happiness which is contagious. That contagious” quality is where design meets the market. This is an example of how viral happiness can be.

Overall I think this campaign is excellent and engages the consumer through ambient advertising creates a buzz through innovate advertising



Levinson, J. C. (1984). Guerilla Marketing . Entrepreneur Press .






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