This advert is an advert from the company Three. They are a mobile phone network provider. The advert follows on from other adverts previously done by Three – such as the pony advert and the pug advert. They all follow the same theme of “silliness”.

The advert is trying to build brand awareness through using funny techniques. They are trying to present a different persona about the company. Being funny attracts viewers to watch the full advert and not turn off half way through; I think they use “funny” to their advantage and it works well. It Intrigues the audience with the use of the little girl and the singing cat. It could perhaps be referred to as nostalgic. Due to the 80’s music as it brings back memories or maybe because of the girl on the bike would bring back memories to girls who once had one of those bikes.

The advert is aimed at younger people and people with a mobile phone in my opinion. Furthermore, it is aimed at especially online users with the use of the hashtags- #singitkitty. This gets users talking about the advert through word of mouth which is free marketing for the company.

I like this advert as it is fun and memorable. Three made this a good advert as it is shareable through social media sites. I good tool they have used is making it actively interactive as the audience can go online and insert their face into the advert which makes it more personally to the individual. Another factor is that Three have used a continuation of a running theme, which links in with all their other adverts this allows this one to tie in. Three are not taking a serious approach to their advertising which is a contrast to their competitors like 02 and Vodafone that take a corporate business-like approach which is very refreshing.

In contrast I feel that Three sing it kitty advert creates a lack of linkage to what they are trying to sell and promote to the customer- not selling anything in particular. The advert has a loss of branding and the customer may come away from the advert wondering what Three actually does/is. Perhaps some customers may feel is Three is a silly company they won’t be able to sort out my problems and won’t take me seriously.

The Psychology of this campaign is that it is a themed campaign and runs alongside other adverts they have done. It also follows a trend and continuation of “we all need silly stuff”.




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