No drinks, no excuses


I have chosen this poster advertisement I found on Pininterest. This is a campaign against drunk-driving to warn people the penalties of their actions. There have been various campaigns over the years to help prevent this. However, this advert tackles the problems around drink driving and explains what can happen if you do.

The caption on the advert which is “How much will your next round cost you?” makes the reader stop and read, and this makes it very thought provoking, straight forward and somewhat play on words. The advert is very eye catching and each of the four bottles of alcohol has a word written on them such as “your job” and “12 month driving ban”, which has great importance to some people and really hits the reader with a reality check. This creates a sense of alarm for people or the drink driver.

A persuasive technique used in this poster that it creates a fear effect. Unlike some of their previous persuasive adverts which contain disturbing images on the matter, this one does not contain any disturbing images which makes some people tune out of the message and prevent adverse effects. Therefore, I find this a very impressive advert that would leave the viewer with an important educational message, as some people do not realise the consequences of drinking and driving.

Overall I feel that this advert is very important reminder to the reader to take a different way home as a drink drive endorsement will remain on your license for 11 years (

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