Miss Dior



“All our lives and it’s so real what I feel, this is why”. – Dior (Dior, 2012)

  This week I am looking at the print advert for Miss Dior Eau de Toilette fragrance ““La Vie En Rose” starring the long term ambassador “Natalie Portman”. The French fashion house has pulled out all the stops to launch this campaign. In many ways, the evolution of the Dior fragrance line mirrors the evolution of its fashion line (The nerdy perfume blog, 2010).

The French label “Dior” also created a short film to coincide with the TV advert. I first saw this advert in the magazine “Glamour”, and immediately liked this advert; I feel that it draws you in with its romantic feel and with the use of the beautiful Natalie Portman. The colour used in the advert illustrates simplicity and elegance which the brand is trying to portray to the consumer. Dior is trying to create a brand image that consumers want to inspire to be like by exploring that a “Miss Dior” is a woman of great elegance and effortless beauty.

The advert is simply gorgeous, feminine and has chic pink all over it and the connotations of pink which show her innocence also, the ribbon placed on the perfume could be a symbol of traditional values. The TV advert was directed by Sofia Coppola, and features a typical summer romance, driving off with her love in an open top sports car; all shots in the print adverts are from the TV advert. The advert also features Grace Jones sung version of Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose which formed the soundtrack for the advert.

The target audience for this product is young trendy females between the ages of 25-45. The brand has a personality of sincerity and sophistication that is defiantly put across to the audience. The demographics classification of the audience is perhaps middle or upper class due to the expensive nature of the product. The typography is very grand and sophisticated compared to the opposite “tacky” therefore; it is aimed at social climbers/ aspires/ strivers because image is very important to the type of women who would buy this product.




 Many brands like Dior use celebrity endorsements, and using a celebrity catches the audience attention. Brands that choose to make a celebrity a brand ambassador are taking a risk in advertising investments however using a celebrity pays of for Dior. Her facial expressions are gazing at the audience which encourages people to explore. Furthermore, it indicates the women’s independence with the bottle of the ‘Miss Dior’ perfume is put there for the audience to remember the product if they want to buy it and also so they can have a look at how the bottle is.

I never get tired of these campaigns, and it has pursued me to buy this perfume- and I love it 🙂


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