Cadbury Eyebrow Advert

Can you move your eyebrows as well as the children in this advert?

I’m sure most of us have tried to move out eyebrows and failed miserably!

Getting your advert noticed is becoming increasing difficult however; Cadburys eyebrow advert has become one of the most popular and most memorable adverts in history and has taken the internet by storm.

In this creepy, but entertaining advert it features two mischievous children performing a bizarre eyebrow moves to an electro funk soundtrack, from Cadburys fictional production company a “Glass and a Half Full Production”. Cadbury marketing director “noticed the wriggly potential of eyebrows and though we would have a bit of fun with them” (Sweney, 2009)

It seemed that this advert was everywhere when it first came out onto our screens. This advert is very powerful due to the following factors:

  • It’s catchy and entertaining. This type of advert spreads like wildfire.
  • It keeps the watcher intrigued, making them stay tuned to find out what happens.
  • Sparks conversation between people. This advert created good word of mouth marketing (free marketing) for Cadbury as everyone was talking about it!

Within the advert there are some prominent themes. Cadbury’s adverts are in touch with their customers and appreciate their interest; they are trying to make out that Cadbury is like no other. This advert  is both communicating a serious marketing message, while expressing humour promoting the brand as easy going in a positive manner, maybe if you buy the product you will have as much fun as the children in the advert! Besides the catchy music, annoying expressions some people love or hate the advert at the same time.
Thinking back what does the advert have to do with Cadbury? Does it really reinforce the brand?

According to Marketing, the execution of this campaign did not increase sales. In my opinion the Gorilla playing the drums was more likeable than this advert. The main problem with these adverts is that they fail to create relevant associations for the product. The audience’s unconscious mind works on the basis of associations and links things to similar things and to our fundamental psychological desires of curiosity- and this advert definitely creates that aspect of curiosity.

However, on the other hand this advert does make use of distinctive purple colour used throughout the advert and is although this advert is nothing to do with the product it creates a memorable funny talking point. Overall, all this advert can do is remind me of that brand of chocolate does still exist on the market, which may not be sufficient for me to buy it next time I want some chocolate and this “eyebrow” advert  has not altered my shopping habits one bit.



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Sweney, M. (2009, Jan 23th). Cadbury’s ad raises an eyebrow. Retrieved Feb 17th, 2014, from The Guardian:


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