Penguin Audio Book- Authors



What makes marketing fantastic….?  The “Wow Factor”


 This advert certainly has this “Wow Factor” through its strong visuals and illustrations that created a 15% increase in awareness in less than a week for audio books and helped created a lasting impression with customers. (Ajmera, 2013)

 Penguins print media advert is famous for turning famous literacy authors into headphones through innovative, creative visuals and getting up close and personal with the authors, and connecting them with the reader.

 The greatest print adverts are memorable and create a bond between the customer and the organisation and I feel that this print ad has managed to successful do these things. Viral videos can overlook print adverts however; they are just as powerful when thought out correctly!

Penguin in this print advert used famous authors like William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Oscar Wilde acting as headphones and whispering into the ears of listeners, making both the communication of the audio book an experience as well as a visual.


 At first the advert can baffle and confuse the audience with the eye catching print media; it looks the famous figures have decided to take up a more aerobatic occupation by bending backwards into a mirror.

 This advert is hilarious in the way that the consumer can see the authors heads enlarged to mimic headphones. The advert is quirky, original and is very minimalist and focuses in what really matters, this is why I feel that it is a very effective advert and makes audio book more of a cool item to buy!



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