2000s: Guinness – noitulovE

Evolution is panned out backwards in “noitulovE”, which is a successful advert from Guinness. Guinness is a popular well known drink with a long history of investment in various aspects (Young, 2011) . This advert incorporates the aspect of storytelling and grabs the audience’s attention, with symbolic explosives that work themselves into a whirling Guinness froth to beautiful but desolate landscapes being brought to life ALL by a group of men. It pushes the boundaries on how long earth has waited for Guinness to arrive by using their tradition witty tone seen in previous adverts.

The danger with this type of advertising is that the creativity may not be harnessed to the benefit of a brand and its objectives however; I feel that this advert succeeds as it is closely aligned to the businesses positioning. The lasting impression left by this advert reinforces ideas that motivate people to buy the brand.

Guinness have done many award winning adverts, but personality this is my favourite Guinness advertisement because of the entertainment value, and what it represents to its target market. I enjoy the way it highlights how patience is a virtue and the execution of the advert is done really well and holds true to Guinness’ humour and furthermore, the concept is simple, “Guinness is so good that it is worth it to wait for a whole lifetime.”

P.s- The title of the commercial is Noitulove. If you don’t know what’s noitulove, its evolution spelt backwards! 🙂


Young, L. (2011). The Marketer’s Handbook: Reassessing Marketing Techniques for Modern Business. John Wiley & Sons.


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